Benefits for employees improving their leisure experience.



Propels the students’ offer of leisure activities.


Touristic companies

Enriches clients’ leisure experience.

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Vistingo for companiesDo you want to compensate your employees in an innovative way?


Vistingo is the answer. Vistingo provides the possibility of compensating your employees while helping them improve the quality of their leisure time and fostering relationship building among colleagues through shared experiences.

  • It is an innovative proposal in the domain of social benefits for employees
  • It is a complete agenda of the cultural, sports and recreational that cheer up the social life of one’s city.
  • It is an intuitive platform, practical and efficient that simplifies the searching task in regards to experiences and activities to do in one’s leisure time.
  • It is a tool that promotes the coexistence among colleagues, offering both, the company and the employees, the possibility of creating leisure plans to share with the rest of the organization.
  • To provide employees the means to enable them to enrich their social libre while at the same time recuperate lost energies and improve their physical and mental well-being.
  • To foster personal relationships among members of the organization to improve their satisfaction and the motivation towards the company
  • Reinforce the company’s strategy with regard to corporate social responsibility, organizing plans that encourage the participation and the cooperation among members of the organization.
  • The access to a big array of leisure opportunities customizable to the personal and family interests and tastes.
  • The enjoyment of a leisure time that fosters one’s health, happiness and one’s development of their personality.
  • The achievement of a more humane, positive and supportive aid with the rest of the members of the organization.

Vistingo for UniversitiesDo you want to improve the leisure offer that you make available to your students?


Vistingo is the answer. Vistingo will propel the leisure options in the cultural, sport and recreative domains that your educational institution provides to their students, giving them a tool in which they will be able to create and share events with their community.

  • It is an innovative proposal in the leisure domain that education institutions provide to their students.
  • It is a complete catalog of cultural, sport, recreational and volunteering events that are happening around you
  • It is an intuitive, practical, and efficient platform that simplifies the searching and diffusion of events having to do with students’ leisure preferences.
  • It is a tool that propels students’ participation and coexistence
  • Provides the institution the means to enrich their students’ leisure time and at the same time promote the strengthening of their competencies that will enable them to transition into a mature person, citizen and profesional.
  • Encourage the participation of the students in the different events and propel the cohabitation among them through which an increase in their satisfaction and motivation.
  • Reinforce the strategy of the education institution in social engagement, organizing plans that seek the interest in participating and collaborating of the members of the organization
  • Access to a wide array of leisure options tailored to the individual interests and tastes of each and every student.
  • Enjoy an enriching leisure time that strengthens the student’s comprehensive development
  • The thrust of coexistence and participation as a means of achieving the most humane, positive and caring relationship with the rest of classmates.

Touristic companiesDo you want to have more pleased customers?


Vistingo is the answer. Vistingo will provide your clients with a complete catalog of events encompassing cultural, sport and recreational ones that are happening around the city, helping improve the visitor’s leisure experience.

  • It is an innovative proposal that aims to bring all leisure possibilities closer to tourists.
  • It is a complete agenda of events and cultural, sport and recreational activities, segment-able by multiple criteria.
  • It is an intuitive, practical and efficient platform that simplifies the searching period concerning plans to do in one’s leisure time, adjusting the possibilities to the tastes and expectations of each and every tourist.
  • It is a tool that promotes the coexistence among tourists, offering them the possibility of creating and sharing plans with one another.
  • Provides clients with an additional service that will improve their leisure experience during their stay, making available a tailored set of offers depending on their tastes and expectations that could potentially bring as a result a prolongation of their stay.
  • Offer a complementary service that enables to distance yourself from competitors.
  • The possibility of creating leisure plans and sharing them with potential clients as an excuse to attract more guests.
  • Access a wide array of event and cultural, sport and recreational experiences that will enable them to get the most out of their stay.
  • Enjoy their leisure time doing activities that fit their tastes and personal or family expectations which in turn improves their experience and satisfaction in a considerable way.

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Benefits for employees

In the world that we live in compensation for the job done is an essential element of the employment relation. Its proper management from the company’s part through remuneration policies offering benefits for employees can set the company apart from its competitors.

In the remuneration policies domain, money has long ago stopped being enough compensation of the services rendered. Nowadays, we all ask the companies we work for benefits that go beyond plain and simple remuneration: autonomy, protection, flexibility, recognition, etc., ultimately indirect retribution. Many options including products or services belong to what we know as indirect retribution. Indirect retribution is an ensemble of compensation policies that employees receive as a result of working for said company, independently of the job they perform and their performance. Indirect retribution is composed of economic and non-economic compensation.

What makes a business want to offer social benefits to their employees?

Diving into the concept, within economic compensations we find social benefits representing nowadays a significant component of company’s compensation plans. Social benefits encompass an array of benefits that the company offers its employees with the intent to improve the employees’ and the employees’ family quality of life, promote laboral satisfaction, propel their productivity and serve as a favorable element in the talent recruitment process.

What type of benefits can you give to your employees?

Taking into account the type of need they provide an answer for, we find different type of company benefits that can be classified as:

  • Assistance: provide employees and their families with additional security that goes beyond what is established in the law. In this category we can find among other company social benefits: life and casualty insurance, pension plans, judiciary assistance, maternity and paternity leaves, school benefits, etc.  
  • Recreational: type of benefits that improve the access to leisure, a healthy life, to rest, and the acknowledgment as a member of the organization. To sum up, measures that aim to improve the quality of life of the employee and the people that surrounds them. In this category, we include the access to gyms, social and country clubs, tickets to all sort of shows, financing of the participation in any sport event such as races, trips, days off, extra holidays, etc.
  • Complementaries or supportive: Services or other necessary utilities for employees that when not provided by the company, each and every employees has to search for and assume its cost. In this benefits category we find transport subsidies, day-care support, support towards the company’s cafeteria or restaurant tickets, free parking, help when buying property, liability insurance, etc.

The emotional salary

From non-economic compensation of indirect retribution arises what is known as emotional salary that the Spanish Quality Agency defines as “a concept association with an employee’s retribution that includes non-economic that aims to satisfy the personal, family and professional needs of the worker, improving the quality of their life while fostering conciliation”

The emotional salary as a compensation tool is becoming more and more frequent in the working environment stirred by the value changes that Western societies are going through in the last years that present themselves in:

  • An increase in the leisure time and the importance of leisure in the life of people
  • The implementation of organizational system characterized by flexibility in the workplace
  • The growing importance of the conciliation of the personal and profesional life, as a means of juggling one’s professional career with the attention needed to the personal and family necessities  
  • The put in place of intangible elements in the company’s assessment and the relationship with its employees (security, feeling of belonging, etc.)
  • The possibilities that new information technologies offer

The compensation formulas having to do with the emotional salary can be grouped around four pillars:

  • Sufficient conditions so that the employee is comfortable with their job: linked to this factor we can find the existence of a relaxing and productive business atmosphere, a working environment in which workers have goals and objectives to achieve, communication channels between the employees and the business (where information flows in both directions), the corporate recognition, the existence of promotion policies and training schemes, etc.
  • Environmental conditions of the workspace: such as having a workspace that is safe, comfortable, bright, with a good ventilation and with rooms for meetings and private conversations, where all employees can interact, share, collaborate as well as improve their creativity and productivity.
  • Fellowship in the corporate relationships: In relation to this factor we can talk about elements that favor a positive working environment characterized by cooperation, kind manners, of camaraderie, and with a sense of team and unity. At the same time, in this category we also include elements that facilitate the development of integration activities, these being among colleagues o through corporate events.
  • Conciliation of work and family: through the implementation of flexible schedules, offering plans of telework, absence management policies, that enable the employee to attend his family needs, life insurance for the employee and his/her family, the facilitation of the application of the reduced legal guardianship, the provision of a family program of services, part-time recruitment, additional free days, etc.

The incorporation of an emotional salary to the compensation policies has a very clear benefit for employees and business alike:

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Reinforce the implementation of all employees in the achievement of objectives of the organization
  • Improves employee compromise and their feeling of belonging
  • Makes the organization more flexible and at the same time more competitive and focused towards its goals.


Vistingo- Benefits for employees is born as a result of the an ever-changing corporate environment, where the retainment of intelectual capital and the attraction of capital are crucial to keep in mind when designing attractive compensation policies, and also, as an answer to the tendency characterized by a greater weight and relevance of social benefits and emotional salary.

Vistingo is a hybrid proposal, half-way in between the social benefits and the emotional salary that pretends to convert the employees’ free and leisure time in an additional element of the compensation policies of the corporations.

Vistingo presents itself as a digital platform that wants to give an answer to the present need of having a quality leisure time, centered around satisfactory and happiness-provoking experiences. Moreover, it is a tool that promotes the coexistence among employees, offering both the business and the employees the possibility of creating leisure plans and sharing them with the rest of the organization through benefits for employees.

Adding to the program of compensation plans the access to the benefits for employees offered by Vistingo will impact:

  • Employees by providing them a leisure offer adaptable to their interests and offers that will enable them to enrich their leisure time, and with that facilitate the recuperation of energies lost and improve their mental and physical well-being.  
  • Foster a more humane, positive, and social relationship among members of the organization, as a means to improve their satisfaction and motivation
  • Reinforce the corporate strategy in the social responsibility domain, organizing plans that involving all members of the organization’s participation and cooperation

Ultimately, in a business environment drowning in the technological progress vertex and its impact on human resources, with an increasing need for qualified personnel which needs to become loyal and motivated through benefits for employees; our human resources teams understand the tendencies in the compensation domain and see that the incorporation of in-kind commodities, flexible retribution plans, formation programs and an array of social benefits are not enough. That is why Vistingo can become the best partner in offering employees the means that will impact the fundamental aspect of their lives that is the enjoyment of their leisure time in a fruitful and meaningful way.