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Attend to a bullfight in Madrid and be part of a legendary tradition. Ideal for those wishing to experience the authentic Spanish culture and enjoy an incomparable bravery while admiring bullfighters


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Calle de Alcalá, 237.

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  • Thrill to the courage of the bullfighters in the bullring
  • Discover one of the most emblematic building in Madrid: Las Ventas Bullring
  • We guarantee the best seats: choose from popular or exclusive, shade or sun


Assisting to a Bullfight is an ideal plan for those travelers willing to experience the authentic Spanish culture. In fact, attending a bullfight is a tradition on curious travelers visiting Madrid, like famous Ernst Hemingway and Orson Welles. 

Enjoy the thrill while admiring the courage shown by the bullfighters. Be part of a millenary Mediterranean tradition, originated in the Minoan Crete during the Middle Bronze Age.

Explore one of the most symbolic buildings in Madrid: Las Ventas Bullring. One of a kind this stadium is the biggest and the most important bullring in Spain. Despite its big size, the ring is best seen from every seat. We offer you the best seat on the sun or shade area. In addition, we send and deliver your tickets to your hotel. Don’t waste your vacation time in uncomfortable queues.


Bronze: From row 20 to 25.

Silver: From row 9 to 14.

Gold: From row 3 to 6.

Platinum: From row 1 to 3.


Bullfighting: such is the running of bulls Spanish classical style. Bulls are used with an average age of four to six years. In each run they kill six bulls and bullfighters are only allowed to grapple professional bull.

Heifers: bullfights with bulls with an average age of three to four years in which to gain experience dealing bullfighters.

Runs on horseback: bullfights with bulls on horseback.


*All our tickets are delivery to your hotel for free. We offer shadow seats for the same price, depending on availability. Best seats guarantee without exceptions.

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